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Learn how to contribute to ST4SD, whether through suggestions, application images, or virtual experiments

We are eager to hear your feedback so we can continue to add features to ST4SD that meet computational scientists needs.

Contributing to the Community

There are two main ways to contribute to the community - with images and with virtual experiments. We are currently creating contribution guidelines for virtual experiments but in the meantime you can still engage with us to make them available.

Application Images

If you have an application image e.g. for a simulation program, you want to make available we can add it to our organization so others in the community can see it and access it. You can find more information about the guidelines for this process here. When you are ready to begin contributing images, click on the Contribute an image card above to start this process.

Virtual Experiments

If you have a virtual experiment that you would like to advertise we can add it to the ST4SD Global Registry page. This way, others in the community will be able to see it and access it. Click on the Contribute a virtual experiment card above to start this process.

Contributing to Core

If you want to add new features to any ST4SD component follow this process

  • Read overview to get general sense of how components fit together
  • Create a fork of the ST4SD component you want to contribute to
  • When done open a PR for your for fork